I have a Viewpager that uses a FragmentStatePagerAdapter. Each page is a Fragment. My pages contains an linearlayout (llTags) which is default visible.

If the user clicks on a page (main layout of the fragment), the linearlayout must be invisible (works) but the other linearlayouts (llTags in other pages) needs to be changed too.

If i click, the visibility of the linearlayouts changed off all pages exept the previous and next. This is because the getItem from the adapter isn't called for the next/previous item again. How can i notify these pages.

ps: i have a newInstance method and a public void setTagslayoutVisible(boolean) for changing the visibility from the adapter.


Next and previous are already loaded and the adapter is not going to call creation.

Take a quick try at this, in your adapter get function if your fragment is already loaded it returns those objects. So just add something like this

      LiveStreamFullScreenFragment lfsf = (LiveStreamFullScreenFragment) myMap.get(position));
      return lfsf;
} else

and in your fragment class

public void setShowTags(boolean showtags)
    mShowTags = showtags;

Hope this helps and enjoy your work.

  • Tnx but doesn't work. I fixed it with on another way. Using the constructor of my fragment instead of newInstance and setting a static int for my index. – Francesco verheye May 15 '13 at 11:32
  • You are welcome as long as it works and you share your experience. – Marko Lazić May 15 '13 at 11:52

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