After I upgraded from Netbeans 7.2 to 7.3 I get the below error. I tried uninstalling Netbeans including setting files etc. and reinstalled it .. But the error persists.

Warning - could not install some modules: org.eclipse.equinox.common - org.netbeans.InvalidException: Netigso: X:\IDE\NetBeans 7.3\ide\modules\org-eclipse-equinox-common.jar: Cannot start org.eclipse.equinox.common state remains INSTALLED after start() org.eclipse.core.runtime.compatibility.auth - org.netbeans.InvalidException: Netigso: X:\IDE\NetBeans 7.3\ide\modules\org-eclipse-core-runtime-compatibility-auth.jar: Cannot start org.eclipse.core.runtime.compatibility.auth state remains INSTALLED after start() org.eclipse.core.jobs - org.netbeans.InvalidException: Netigso: X:\IDE\NetBeans 7.3\ide\modules\org-eclipse-core-jobs.jar: Cannot start org.eclipse.core.jobs state remains INSTALLED after start() org.eclipse.equinox.registry - org.netbeans.InvalidException: Netigso: X:\IDE\NetBeans 7.3\ide\modules\org-eclipse-equinox-registry.jar: Cannot start org.eclipse.equinox.registry state remains INSTALLED after start() org.eclipse.equinox.app - org.netbeans.InvalidException: Netigso: X:\IDE\NetBeans 7.3\ide\modules\org-eclipse-equinox-app.jar: Cannot start org.eclipse.equinox.app state remains INSTALLED after start() org.eclipse.equinox.preferences - org.netbeans.InvalidException: Netigso: X:\IDE\NetBeans 7.3\ide\modules\org-eclipse-equinox-preferences.jar: Cannot start org.eclipse.equinox.preferences state remains INSTALLED after start() org.eclipse.core.contenttype - org.netbeans.InvalidException: Netigso: X:\IDE\NetBeans 7.3\ide\modules\org-eclipse-core-contenttype.jar: Cannot start org.eclipse.core.contenttype state remains INSTALLED after start() org.eclipse.core.runtime - org.netbeans.InvalidException: Netigso: X:\IDE\NetBeans 7.3\ide\modules\org-eclipse-core-runtime.jar: Cannot start org.eclipse.core.runtime state remains INSTALLED after start() org.eclipse.equinox.security - org.netbeans.InvalidException: Netigso: X:\IDE\NetBeans 7.3\ide\modules\org-eclipse-equinox-security.jar: Cannot start org.eclipse.equinox.security state remains INSTALLED after start() org.eclipse.core.net - org.netbeans.InvalidException: Netigso: X:\IDE\NetBeans 7.3\ide\modules\org-eclipse-core-net.jar: Cannot start org.eclipse.core.net state remains INSTALLED after start() org.eclipse.mylyn.commons.core - org.netbeans.InvalidException: Netigso: X:\IDE\NetBeans 7.3\ide\modules\org-eclipse-mylyn-commons-core.jar: Cannot start org.eclipse.mylyn.commons.core state remains INSTALLED after start() org.eclipse.mylyn.commons.repositories.core - org.netbeans.InvalidException: Netigso: X:\IDE\NetBeans 7.3\ide\modules\org-eclipse-mylyn-commons-repositories-core.jar: Cannot start org.eclipse.mylyn.commons.repositories.core state remains INSTALLED after start() org.eclipse.mylyn.commons.net - org.netbeans.InvalidException: Netigso: X:\IDE\NetBeans 7.3\ide\modules\org-eclipse-mylyn-commons-net.jar: Cannot start org.eclipse.mylyn.commons.net state remains INSTALLED after start() org.eclipse.mylyn.tasks.core - org.netbeans.InvalidException: Netigso: X:\IDE\NetBeans 7.3\ide\modules\org-eclipse-mylyn-tasks-core.jar: Cannot start org.eclipse.mylyn.tasks.core state remains INSTALLED after start() org.eclipse.mylyn.commons.xmlrpc - org.netbeans.InvalidException: Netigso: X:\IDE\NetBeans 7.3\ide\modules\org-eclipse-mylyn-commons-xmlrpc.jar: Cannot start org.eclipse.mylyn.commons.xmlrpc state remains INSTALLED after start() org.eclipse.mylyn.bugzilla.core - org.netbeans.InvalidException: Netigso: X:\IDE\NetBeans 7.3\ide\modules\org-eclipse-mylyn-bugzilla-core.jar: Cannot start org.eclipse.mylyn.bugzilla.core state remains INSTALLED after start()


Try to clean your userdir http://wiki.netbeans.org/FaqWhatIsUserdir

But be careful it will erase all your IDE settings

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    you are a f*#$% genius !! ;) – J-D May 16 '13 at 13:34

It's very simple :

1 - Try to find this file /home/yourname/.cache/netbeans

2 - And clear all files enter image description here


If cleaning out your userdir doesn't work, try deleting the netbeans cache: rm -rf ~/.cache/netbeans


Rename the modules folder out of within your userdir and then reinstall 7.3. This works and loses none of your custom settings.

  • Calligra, there is more than one modules subfolders within the userdir folder. Could you clarify which modules subfolder by indicating the correct folder path? Thank you – IberoMedia Aug 22 '13 at 18:18

Even better, you could delete only the file org.eclipse.equinox.common in modules directory (and any other modules that were showing errors) and keep all the other modules and settings in place.


in netbeans user dir user \ config \ Modules save a backup of all the files inside, then delete this folder and start netbeans, the folder will be recreated after the close netbeans, then add the files that are not inside the folder modules


For 7.2 version, if none of the other solutions was useful, try the following (settings will be lost):

  1. (Consider to make a copy of the whole Netbeans installed folder for any future possible need)
  2. Uninstall Netbeans IDE.
  3. Delete the userdir and cachedir contents, where userdir is located usually at "C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\NetBeans\7.2\" , and the cachedir at "C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\NetBeans\Cache\7.2\".
  4. Install the IDE again.

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