I have a php file test.php. I want to run it with Open Source Job Scheduler at specified intervals. How can I do that? Should I create a xml file for it?

I read the documentation


But my doubt is that how do I run a file located at certain folder instead of writing the code in xml file. Should I write include script include "test.php"; in xml file? Can any one help me please?


If your php file is executable then yes. You can simpely do include in the php code.

Also try to google for CRON JOBS if you use linux server.

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I found the solution from their document it self.



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>

       <job name = "my_shell_script">
          <process file  = "my_shell_script.sh"
                   param = ""/>
          <run_time repeat = "3600"
                    begin  = "00:00"
                    end    = "24:00"/>


The job named "my_shell_script" will be started every hour (see ) and will execute the script my_shell_script.sh (see ).

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