I need to load a shell script from a raw gist but I can't find a way to get raw URL.

curl -L address-to-raw-gist.sh | bash

And yet there is, look for the raw button (on the top-right of the source code).

The raw URL should look like this:


Note: it is possible to get the latest version by omitting the {commit_hash} part, as shown below:


February 2014: the raw url just changed.
See "Gist raw file URI change":

The raw host for all Gist files is changing immediately.
This change was made to further isolate user content from trusted GitHub applications.

The new host is


Existing URIs will redirect to the new host.

Before it was https://gist.github.com/<username>/<gist-id>/raw/...

Now it is https://gist.githubusercontent.com/<username>/<gist-id>/raw/...

For instance:


KrisWebDev adds in the comments:

If you want the last version of a Gist document, just remove the <commit>/ from URL


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    @KrisWebDev good point. I have included in the answer for more visibility, along with an example.
    – VonC
    Aug 3 '14 at 14:00
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    The raw host for all Gist files is changing immediately. But I found it not immediately
    – Gank
    Jan 8 '15 at 8:16
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    A better way would be also to pay attention to the API: api.github.com/gists/9184693 You can get from there the raw_url and use that. This answere is correct, no doubt, but the API will (never) be outdated, it could be possible they change it again like in FEB 2014. Jan 8 '15 at 8:52

Gitlab snippets provide short concise urls, are easy to create and goes well with the command line.

Sample example: Enable bash completion by patching /etc/bash.bashrc

sudo su -
(curl -s https://gitlab.com/snippets/21846/raw && echo) | patch -s /etc/bash.bashrc

One can simply use the github api.


Reference: https://miguelpiedrafita.com/github-gists

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