Font size in Android Studio editor seems to be too small.

How can I make the font size larger?


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Done, you can try this(on Mac): Preferences --> Editor --> Colors & Fonts, in the right side, then click "save as...", this will create a new Scheme, we name it such as "Custom", then all fields become to editable, font, space, color, etc.

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    There is no option for "Preferences" that I can find. Perhaps the answer is outdated?
    – ineedahero
    Jun 2 '17 at 21:04
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    @ineedahero, In mac there is a horizontal menu bar on top of screen. the leftmost menu is an apple icon. click on it and you will see the Preferences. Apr 16 '18 at 3:26
  • This approach only sets the font size for the Editor. If you are looking to make the fonts larger in the project panel and such, you will need to use the "Appearance" page and choose the "Override default fonts" option. Which Mosh Feu said below as well
    – Joe Steele
    May 15 '18 at 20:10

Temporarily adjust the font size

Go to Settings (or Preferences in Mac) > Editor > General > Change font size (Zoom) with Ctrl+Mouse Wheel OR Press "Cmd+Shift+A" for mac.

enter image description here

This will allow you to quickly modify the font size whenever you want. However, the font will get reset to the default size the next time you start Android Studio. (The Control+Mouse Wheel functionality will not get reset, though. You only need to do this once.)

Permanently change the default font size

Go to Settings > Editor > Colors & Fonts > Font. Click "Save As..." and choose a new scheme name. Then change the font size and say OK. This will be the default size every time you open Android Studio now.

enter image description here

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    In Android Studio 4.1 on Windows 10 : [File] > [Settings] > [Editor] > [Font] > Size : 13 Oct 21 '20 at 20:20

Acoustics answer works, on windows it would be File --> Settings --> Editor --> Colors & Fonts then save as, name it something then you can edit all the fields you want.

  • At this time 2021, File -> Setting -> search for Color Scheme Font
    – Hao Hao
    Aug 14 at 9:53

Settings (Ctrl+Alt+s)--> Apprarance-->Override default fonts by(not recommended):

then change Size to 16+.

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    this one only modify the IDE menu font size but not the code display font size...
    – V-SHY
    Aug 13 '14 at 17:49

By default, Android Studio doesn't allow the normal CTRL + Mouse scroll to zoom in or out. You can enable it in the settings, though it seems its location has changed over time. Mac users are well documented in other answers, but I use Windows.

For Windows users in Android Studio 3.4, you go to File -> Settings -> General, then check the box Change font size (Zoom) with Ctrl+Mouse Wheel. See below:

enter image description here


enter image description here

Ctrl + Shift + A --> enter Font size --> select Increase Font Size

this will open Dialog for Enter Action or option Name

enter Fonte Size it will show selection for select Increase Font Size

Done :)

  • This does not increase for all editors, only the active editor is affected Oct 1 '18 at 4:00

I have the latest version of Android Studio installed (3.6.1).

I navigated to: File->Settings->Editor->Font. The dialog displays a warning message (yellow triangle) indicating that the Font is defined in the color scheme.

(Editing the Font here had no effect.)

Editor Font

I clicked on the dialog's warning message link.

This navigated to: File->Settings->Editor->Color Scheme->Color Scheme Font.

(Now I could edit the Font for my current scheme.)

Editor Color Scheme Color Scheme Font


File -> Settings -> Editor -> Colors & Fonts -> Font.


As a temporary tweak ( not permanent )

On Mac you would need to create your own shortcuts ..

Its easy. my set:

CMD + Wheel-up for increase font size

CMD + Wheel-down for decreasing font size

Prefernces => Keymap => Increase Font size/decrease Font size/Reset Font size

enter image description here

!! Don't forget to click Apply Button at Bottom Right before closing Settings Dialog otherwise changes will not get applied & you will need to do this setup again.

Good luck,'.


Permanently change the default font size for UI elements

Go to Settings ("Preferences" on Mac) > Appearance & Behavior > Appearance. Tick the checkbox "Override default fonts by (not recommended)". Then change the font size and hit "OK"
enter image description here


For MacBook Users:

enter image description here

To change font size:

Select **Android Studio** menu (which is present next to Apple icon)-->Preferences--->Editor-->Font-->Size(give size)-->ok

To zoom in and out in Editor:

Select **Android Studio** menu -->Editor-->General-->change font size (zoom) with command and mouse wheel-->ok

Very Simple .

Go to File then Settings then Select Editor then Font and change the size .

File -> Settings -> Editor -> Colors & Fonts -> Font.


You can try to search in preferences (android studio IDE > preferences). In aptana studio it works like this making smaller: CMD and -, use CMD shift and =. Works?


In latest version of android studio ,We can change the appearance settings like font size and font style using following steps Android Studio ---->preference--font

enter image description here


ok I reached to this solution by the help of two people who answered above, Mosh Feu and Suragch First open settings (ctrl+alt+s), second go to Editor->General->Fonts->Size.


In mac book ,you can use two fingers to zoom in(increase font size) or zoom out for decrease font size, like when we zoomed image in mobilephone.

  • wouldn't this only apply to users with touch-screens? also if it's just zoom, it's not a change of font size, it will also enlarge everything else, no? Jul 18 '16 at 3:14
  • No, you can use two fingers on your trackpad of macbook. You will can change of font size :)
    – Phadadev
    Jul 19 '16 at 3:53



There are two possible ways of doing this:

1. Setting a custom shortcut for change font size:

Preferences -> KeyMap -> Editor Action -> Dcrease Font size/Increase Font size

And set a shortcut for each purpose.
NOTE: you can set a mouse shortcut as well in a custom shortcut.
This custom shortcut feature is really helpful when are you are migrating from another code editor and is habitual to the use of another shortcut.

Zoom in/out feature custom shortcut setting android studio

2. Set the zoom in and zoom out to mouse scroll with control pressed if you are a windows user and command pressed if you are a macOS user.

Preferences -> Editor -> General -> Mark checked Option -> Change Font size with Command + mouse wheel

Font Zoom In/Out Editor Window android studio


In my case it was because of my 4K screen too thin to read. Then u need to change from monospace In my case it was because of my 4K screen too thin to read. Then u need to change from Monospaced to Consolas.

Settings --> Color Scheme Font --> Font --> Consolas


We have to be more careful when doing this. For the first time I have changed the font size of menu by mistake instead of font. First create your own scheme by going to File-->Settings-->Colors & Fonts and then you can make changes to your own scheme. The final procedure is to go to settings(File-->Settings) and then select Editor and Colors & Fontsin the left bar menu. Then select the arrow on the left side of Colors & Fonts and then select Font in the left menu bar. You will get options to change your values. Remember you can only change values to your own sheme.

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