I have simple code that test search engine in Infinispan.

public class InifinispanTest {

    private static class DemoA {
        private Long id;

        public Long getId() {
            return id;

        public void setId(Long id) {
            this.id = id;

    private static class DemoB extends DemoA {
        private String value;

        public String getValue() {
            return value;

        public void setValue(String value) {
            this.value = value;

    public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {
        SearchMapping mapping = new SearchMapping();
               .property("id", ElementType.METHOD).field();

        Properties properties = new Properties();
        properties.put(org.hibernate.search.Environment.MODEL_MAPPING, mapping);
        properties.put("hibernate.search.default.directory_provider", "ram");
        properties.put("hibernate.search.default.indexmanager", "near-real-time");

        Configuration infinispanConfiguration = new ConfigurationBuilder()

        DefaultCacheManager cacheManager = new DefaultCacheManager(infinispanConfiguration);

        final Cache<Integer, DemoB> cache = cacheManager.getCache();

        for (int i = 0; i < 10000; i++) {
            final DemoB demo = new DemoB();
            demo.setId((long) i);

            cache.put(i, demo);

        final SearchManager searchManager = Search.getSearchManager(cache);
        final QueryBuilder queryBuilder = searchManager.buildQueryBuilderForClass(DemoB.class).get();

        final Query query = queryBuilder.keyword().onField("id").matching(1000l).createQuery();

        final CacheQuery query1 = searchManager.getQuery(query, DemoB.class);

        for (Object  result : query1.list()) {


As you can see there is a base class DemoA and its subclass DemoB. I would like to do the search by the super class filed id. However this demo code generates org.hibernate.search.SearchException: Unable to find field id in com.genesis.inifispan.InifinispanTest$DemoB

I assume that I missed inheritance configuration in Search Mapping configuration, however looking through documentation I found nothing. I would like to have Java based configuration, because I am not able to change entity class in production environment.

Please, can you help me with configuration or direct my in right way reading documentation.


When using SearchMapping you should specify the fields like you would with annotations: id is a valid field for DemoA only, hence the correct mapping looks like:

SearchMapping mapping = new SearchMapping()
      .property("id", ElementType.METHOD).field()

Also note I removed providedId() : no longer required in recent Infinispan versions.

I think the SearchMapping should at least warn you, maybe even throw an immediate exception: opening JIRA HSEARCH-1328 .

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  • That configuration allows inheritance. Thanks. BTW, id=1000 in cache, cause my loop for 10`000 ;-) – Andrey Lyubimov May 17 '13 at 10:50

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