work on asp.net vs05. i want to set the system date as default value for the CalendarExtender in my textbox.In page load event if i write


than it show error.if i click on CalendarExtender image icon to show calendar than it show an error message on status bar "error occurd" How to solve this problem?

 <asp:TextBox ID="txtFromDate" runat="server" Width="120px"></asp:TextBox></td>
                                                    <td style="width: 35px">
                                                        <img id="fromdate" src="Image/Calendar_scheduleHS.png" style="width: 18px" alt=""/></td>
                                        ID="CalendarExtender2" runat="server" Format="dd MMM yyyy" PopupButtonID="fromdate"

When setting txtFromDate.text from server side code you have to make sure the format is already correct.


txtFromDate.Text = DateTime.Now.ToString("dd MMM yyyy");

or even better:

txtFromDate.Text = DateTime.Now.ToString(CalendarExtender2.Format);
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