Need help with VB script to zip a file in a folder and give the zip file created the name of the original name of the file. Like if there is a trn file named abc.trn then want to create a zip file named abc.zip. Please help if anyone have any idea


Yes and no. According to this answer on SO it is not possible using VBscript alone.

There are VBA methods to zip and unzip using the windows built in compression as well, which should give some insight as to how the system operates. You may be able to build these methods into a scripting language of your choice.

However, you can use an "implementation-dependent behavior of the Windows shell" (again, quoted from the same source)

Dim fso, winShell, MyTarget, MySource, file
Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set winShell = createObject("shell.application")

MyTarget = Wscript.Arguments.Item(0)
MySource = Wscript.Arguments.Item(1)

Wscript.Echo "Adding " & MySource & " to " & MyTarget

'create a new clean zip archive
Set file = fso.CreateTextFile(MyTarget, True)
file.write("PK" & chr(5) & chr(6) & string(18,chr(0)))

winShell.NameSpace(MyTarget).CopyHere winShell.NameSpace(MySource).Items

do until winShell.namespace(MyTarget).items.count = winShell.namespace(MySource).items.count
    wscript.sleep 1000 

Set winShell = Nothing
Set fso = Nothing

One easy answer I found that can do it using VBScript alone, is this tiny piece. Obviously, there can be more work done with it. It is for a Windows PC. It will make a [name.zip] for a file or folder [name]. It gets the content and sub content. SAMPLE 1 does it exclusively in VBS with a little interaction from the user. If you want to know how to add it to a schedule with no user interaction, I am sorry but I just don't have time to keep posting or editing posts. Sample 1, which could be named demo.vbs, will run as is, without having to use a program compiler:

    Dim EzZip

        If wscript.Arguments.count=0 then 

            Msgbox "Drag and drop a file "_
            & "or folder on the icon, before launch", 0, "Candy Zip Instructions"

    End if

    for jb=0 to wscript.Arguments.count-1


        EndLoc = FilOrFol & ".zip"

    .Write "PK" & Chr(5) & Chr(6) & String(18, vbNullChar)

        Set EzZip = CreateObject("Shell.Application").NameSpace(EndLoc)

        EzZip.CopyHere FilOrFol

            Do Until EzZip.Items.Count

            WScript.sleep 1600


    MsgBox "The data is done zipping", 0, "Candy Zip Performer script is done"


Sample 2 is a another way that combines batch and vbs on MS Windows. This one took me a longer time to put together, but I did make it on my own. It generates a similar vbs to sample 1, but it does not use wscript.Arguments, nor wscript.sleep. It does use DO UNTIL in order to LOOP. Someone could add a file or folder to the batch window after the batch crank icon is launched, but I also made it so that I can drop a folder or file onto the batch crank icon and automatically detect what it was with parameter %~dp$PATH:1. I thought it was cool I could do that. If you don't use batch, you could make your own script with just .vbs. When my batch opens it will create a short VBS script to get the job done for me. That is what I like about it. It is as short as possible VBS script, so I don't have to do more than I have to do. I created custom names for the VBS entries. I realized I didn't have to type objShell. I was hoping somebody would think it was interesting how I made a system out of it. You can see how it works if you want. The batch will create 1 vbs file and 1 log text file every time it opens, and then delete the vbs script after the batch completes. It is a breakthrough for me. It works on multiple versions of Windows. When the batch creates the vbs, it uses if statements to determine if it should put quotes around the path or not. HardUrl is just a name I made up to be either a true or false value, and it means that I am getting the full pathname including the drive letter. After the VBS script runs, it stops looping, and has a popup message with start and end time. I would like to learn how to make visual programs with the stuff I know, but I do not know if I will. I also learned that I don't have to have destination folder items count be equal to the target item count. All I have to do is Do Until GinGen.Items.Count. Just copy the batch program below and save it as demo.bat from Notepad if you wish. SAMPLE 2 below is also completely ready to run:

REM This batch creates the vbs script and it can get a file, or folder and its content,

REM  into a Zip with a high level of certainty, and it has the luxury of automation

set Edition=Assembly Rev Ltd, "File / Folder Drop in" and Zip

title PC Phenoma %Edition%

    echo off

color 17

REM English sentence strings are saved as a value to be recalled later in a log file or message box

set pre=Automation of

set post=for your convenience.

set rest=TF Pro Vision believes precision matters. The format is as effective as possible.

set fin=will redirect to standard operation in that case. Saving this batch directly on the desktop would make sense.

set marker=It can be beautiful. But SOD feature may not work if something is dropped on a shortcut icon of the batch, however it

set note=someone to directly drop what they want to zip on the .BAT icon. It will try to process the file without set /p input!

set write=for use, and this custom option also does work most of the time. Bear with me. Super Object Drop (SOD^^) feature may allow

set add=[the target was not declared immediately at launch]

set view=is Super Object Drop on Prog icon, and that can be said to be the expectation of a user action that currently implied

set pump=%time% on %date% is the current footprint and reports the last time of program execution. TF Extra feature

set advisory=It is recommended that you check your data now for consistency

set clever=Windows Version Drop Stuff Magic Zip up attempt is done with and it started at

set waves=HELLO %computername%.inf

REM This writes the log file with a possibility for full auto batch parameter $PATH

    echo %pump% > "%waves%" & echo. >>"%waves%"

    echo %view% >> "%waves%" & echo. >>"%waves%"

    echo %~f1 >> "%waves%" & echo. >>"%waves%"

    echo %write% >> "%waves%" & echo. >>"%waves%"

    echo %note% >> "%waves%" & echo. >>"%waves%"

    echo %marker% >> "%waves%" & echo. >>"%waves%"

    echo %fin% >> "%waves%"

find ":\" "%~dp$PATH:1%waves%"


if "%errorlevel%"=="0" (

set autotop=true

    goto topdive

) else (

REM This writes the log file with no batch parameter $PATH

set semiauto=true

    echo %pump% > "%waves%" & echo. >>"%waves%"

    echo %view% >> "%waves%" & echo. >>"%waves%"

    echo %add% >> "%waves%" & echo. >>"%waves%"

    echo %write% >> "%waves%" & echo. >>"%waves%"

    echo %note% >> "%waves%" & echo. >>"%waves%"

    echo %marker% >> "%waves%" & echo. >>"%waves%"

    echo %fin% >> "%waves%"

    goto standard



set Downpath=divein

    goto autokey


set Unique=%random%

set Droppath=%Unique%

set HardUrl=false

REM This text appears on the screen while pending user input

    echo Welcome to the creative control loader.

    echo System will overwrite the zip destination

    echo when the destination path already exists.

    echo System will create [name.zip] for [name].

    echo Sometimes icons are not visible and thus I

    echo can right-click the mouse and hit refresh.

    echo That is one computer troubleshooting tip.




    echo Drag 'n drop the target here if you can or

    echo leave this blank for an unfilled desktop zip,

REM This is where I put the input line and makes it like semi-auto

set /p Droppath=and then press enter: 

REM If there is no input it will create an empty Zip file on the desktop

if %Droppath%==%Unique% goto breaker


REM This is where the program starts if there is a possible fully automated icon drop on batch for batch parameters

color 37

title Deep Sight %Edition%


    echo Thanks for trusting True Fast $Ace$.

    echo Your input was entered for any results.

    echo If the process has no progress bar, that

    echo means it was instantly fast or you have

    echo entered an unusable path. This prog

    echo has two ways to try to make the Zip.

    echo Route A is default, and it works more

    echo often. Route B is to take the target

    echo icon and drop it on the crank icon.


    echo %pre%

if "%autotop%"=="true" echo %~f1%

if "%semiauto%"=="true" echo %Droppath%

    echo %post%

REM Below is the snippet of VBS code which is generated through the batch

    echo ETBrain = Time>dropz.vbs

    echo Dim GinGen>>dropz.vbs

    echo Haze = ^0>>dropz.vbs

if "%Downpath%"=="divein" goto noquo

if "%Droppath:~2,1%"==":" goto quo

    goto alter


    echo DestLoc = %Droppath% ^& ".zip">>dropz.vbs

    echo TrueTarg = %Droppath%>>dropz.vbs

set HardUrl=true

    goto generate


if "%Droppath:~2,1%"=="\" goto noquo

    goto generate


if "%Downpath%"=="divein" echo DestLoc = "%~f1" ^& ".zip">>dropz.vbs

if not "%Downpath%"=="divein" echo DestLoc = "%Droppath%" ^& ".zip">>dropz.vbs

if "%Downpath%"=="divein" echo TrueTarg = "%~f1">>dropz.vbs

if not "%Downpath%"=="divein" echo TrueTarg = "%Droppath%">>dropz.vbs

set HardUrl=true


if %HardUrl%==false goto noload

    echo CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject").CreateTextFile(DestLoc)_>>dropz.vbs

    echo .Write "PK" ^& Chr(5) ^& Chr(6) ^& String(18, vbNullChar)>>dropz.vbs

    echo Set GinGen = CreateObject("Shell.Application").NameSpace(DestLoc)>>dropz.vbs

    echo GinGen.CopyHere TrueTarg>>dropz.vbs

    echo Do Until GinGen.Items.Count>>dropz.vbs

    echo Haze = Haze - 3 / 6 / -9 * ^4>>dropz.vbs

    echo Loop>>dropz.vbs

    echo wscript.echo "%clever% " ^& ETBrain ^& " and ended at " ^& Time ^& ". %advisory%. %rest%.">>dropz.vbs

    echo wscript.quit>>dropz.vbs

if exist dropz.vbs goto dropz


REM If it was easy to detect an unusable path, the program will give this message

color f0

title Unfortunate Conflict / Error / Mismatch: %time%


    echo Sorry; there's no possible valid source detected.

    echo If you do not know the dir and path to the target,

    echo please try again to drag 'n drop an eligible

    echo file or folder with total ease. Expert users

    echo can also manually type a compatible origin.

    echo This management has been verified with more

    echo than a reasonable degree of certainty.

    echo There was no known full path given.


    goto close


REM If there was no input, then this is where the courtesy empty batch gets created

set gift=YES>"%homedrive%%homepath%\desktop\Ltd-Dropstuff.zip"



REM If a trace of the Vbs gen snippet is found then it will try to open it now



color 09

del dropz.vbs

REM Good luck everyone. Revision gets more unusual path names with characters such as ^, &, % in it. 
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