I am new to asp.net development for EAN. Does anyone can step me through what should I do after getting the EAN key. I could not find any .NET developer guide from their site. I use other api like youtube, google but EAN is really new to me.

So I have created 1 new website using VS2010 backend C#. Just a simple page with a city, check in, check out form.

Now what should I do ? I see from the following forum that I now have to add a web service reference. But how ?

Expedia Api and ASP.Net ( 403 Developer Inactive)


I'm not sure if what you're asking exactly

you can see How to: Add a Reference to a Web Service

if you mean how can you add the WSDL file to your application you can do so by right-clicking on your project and choosing either "add web reference" or "add service reference" see for more details

2. Create the Client Program

after you set up your WSDL you can do something similar to the accepted answer on

Expedia Api and ASP.Net ( 403 Developer Inactive)

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