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How would I go about having my sql query results exported to a .csv file? The goal is to automate this process, the query would pull records from the previous day and then export them to a directory of my choosing. If possible, I'd even like to have the date added to the filename so it doesn't automatically overwrite the previous day's results.

here is the query :

SELECT g.id, g.name, g.date, g.date_mod, g.status, cree_par, modifier_par
FROM glpi_tickets g , (select id, concat(realname , ' ' , firstname)
cree_par from glpi_users ) c, (select id, concat(realname , ' ' ,
firstname) modifier_par from glpi_users) m
where users_id_recipient <> users_id_lastupdater
and users_id_recipient = c.id
and users_id_lastupdater = m.id;

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HOWTOs at:


MySQL export into outfile : CSV escaping chars



If you want to export to Excel .xls or .xlsx install PHPtoExcel or PHPExcel.

There is one for PEAR and a NON-PEAR version. The later works better!

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