In AutoHotkey, how can I do the following:

While SPACE and "either or a combination of [A, S, D, W]" are pressed down at the same time, send key LSHIFT every X milliseconds; do this until SPACE and and A, S, D, W are not pressed.

I'm a beginner. I tried multiple ways, but it didn't work at all.

Any help would be much appreciated!

I tried this, it does nothing:


If GetKeyState("Space", "P") && GetKeyState("w", "P")

Send, {LShift}
Sleep, 500

If Not GetKeyState("Space", "P") && GetKeyState("w", "P")





Try this

x := 500 ;your x

sleep, 500  ;this is extra time given to you and not X . Dont Edit.
if GetKeyState("W","p") or GetKeyState("A","p") or GetKeyState("S","p") or GetKeyState("D","p")
    Send, {LShift}
sleep, x


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