I need to format an external hard disk on a MacBook Pro (USB connection).
In the disk utility, Erase tab, I can only choose between these formats:

  • MacOS Extended (Journaled)
  • MacOS Extended (Case-sensitive, Journaled)
  • MS-DOS (FAT)
  • ExFAT

I do not get the following options, which should be available:

  • MacOS Extended
  • MacOS Extended (Case-sensitive)

OS-X version: Lion 10.7.5

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On Lion and Mountain Lion, the non-journaled HFS variants are not available in the Disk Utility UI. If you really need a non-journaled volume, you can use the command-line diskutil tool. You can also turn off journaling after formatting a volume; select it in Disk Utility, press Option and click the File menu, then select Disable Journaling.

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