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I'm looking for some assistance with performance tools for Linux server running on AWS micro instance.

Apache serves web pages really slow. I have used top command and Idle value is almost 100% and stalling 0% so it looks like the CPU is not the problem. I want to make clear that it's the slow response from the server that is the problem, on site optimizing is not included in my question.

Server is running a regular LAMP stack and has a small OpenCart shop running. Memory_limit is set to 128mb. My experience with EC2 micro is that it's not a problem to run a small server with limited use of SQL-queries on a micro-instance.

What debugging would you recommend me to continue with?

Im open to any ideas that I can try.

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Micro instances have a cpu profile unlike any other instance type. It can burst up to 2 compute units, but outside of that burst its limited to 0.1 or so.

top also does not tell you the real cpu usage (due to effects of virtualization), you will need to look at cloudwatch for that.

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upgrade, even temporarily, to to a better class of VM and see if it solves the problem. I gave up trying to use micro-instances for much of anything. I love EC2/AWS, but wouldn't consider using a micro instance.

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