I am using these credit card test number for test. but got null response form some of these number

test paypal credit number.

for example visa : 4012888888881881 i got null response form this number. not even i got any error. is all the number are valid or all are changed .

I found it is randomly . so if i will got no response with no error it will create recurring profile or not.

  • Can you provide the email address to your test sandbox seller account, or the transaction for one of your successfull transactions that went thru that account and I can look up the account and I can check it from my end. If you can provide details such as date/time/ and the time zone and/or any details about what you were passing over for name and etc when you tested this, I can check the logs on my end and see what happened. – PP_MTS_Chad May 21 '13 at 10:56
  • desertp09_deemtech@yahoo.com it is my test account. i passed only user email and name and other only required field.and i got this error when my client email ids are brijesh5@mailinator.com and brijesh11@mailinator.com i think it is enough – Desert P May 21 '13 at 11:07

I checked your account, and I do show that requests are reaching PayPal and PayPal is sending back an API response for every request. Most were successful, some returned an API error but none the less everyone did generate a successful response back to your system. Make sure that the code that you are using is correct, and that it is set up to read the response that is being sent back. You can find some sample code that may help you here.

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