I'm currently working on an e-commerce site with the following URL format for individual products:


Where 373 is an individual product number. I would like to rewrite all the product URLs so they look like this:


Unfortunately, some of the product names contain characters such as *, / and !, which should not be included in the URL.

I have access to everything, but limited skills, so please just assume I'm completely naive if you answer!



Using only unique slugs ('product-name-here') could be tricky sometimes. It's better to have something like this:

examplesite.com/373/product-name-here.html // or

... or any other combination, but keep the product ID in the url. To create slugs, google for PHP slug generator

If you're running your server with Apache, you need to load the mod_rewrite module and add an .htaccess to the root of your project (there where you execute the index.php)

RewriteEngine On
Options FollowSymLinks

# examplesite.com/373/product-name-here.html
RewriteRule ^([0-9]*)/([a-zA-Z0-9+-_\.])\.html$ shop.php?sec=prod&prod=$1
  • Hi Claudio, thanks for answering! I found a good site on slug generation (cubiq.org/the-perfect-php-clean-url-generator) but I'm unsure where I'd enter this code. Would this, coupled with the htaccess above, do the job? Or am I missing some stages out? Thanks! – riaface May 22 '13 at 10:02
  • Hi! You need to generate a slug for each product you have. Most of the time, I save it in the database (I have a field slug in the products table), but you could also generate it on the fly when you're creating the links: <a href="<?=createSlug($product->title)?>"><?=$product->title?></a>. In PHP you need to create url's like this one examplesite.com/373-product-name-here and the rules in .htaccess are going to catch them and parse into your original url (shop.php?sec=prod&prod=$1) – Claudio Bredfeldt May 22 '13 at 11:54

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