I have been searching for this for couple days but was unlucky finding any answer. I am building a winform application . Where the application will be installed to multi PC's on the same network and all will connect to the db on the server in same network.

First , I am unable to find how to develop/design multi client(sorry I don't know what exactly to call it ) application , where same app will be operating at the same time, with different users, in different PC's and all will use the a single DB on the network.

Second , I want to create a setup wizard ,where the user will choose ,when installing the application , if its the server , or the client side. When the server is selected it will create the db for the app , and when client is selected , user will point to the server machine on the network and the client app will be installed with pointing at the db on the server.

I don't know if I was clear enough or too complicated while explaining.

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I resolved the issue with WCF. I am building a WCF Host on the main server , where the terminals will comunicate to main server via WCF and the host program will do all the sql queries.

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