I use Zxing library for Barcode, QRCode and Data matrix scanning. scanning process is work fine.

I also get result string from didScanResult delegate method of ZXingWidgetController.

- (void)zxingController:(ZXingWidgetController*)controller didScanResult:(NSString *)result {

But I have one problem...

how to get type (Text, URL, Address book, Phone Number, Email address etc..) and format (QRCode, Data matrix or Barcode) of result.

please help...

and thanks in advance...


Assuming that currently you are using ZXingWidget right? Since there is no way to get barcode format in this library. So what i have done is i replaced this library with ZXingObjC library to get barcode type as well as format.

-(void)captureResult:(ZXCapture *)capture result:(ZXResult *)result
    if (!result) return;
    // We got a result. Display information about the result onscreen.
    NSString *formatString = [self barcodeFormatToString:result.barcodeFormat]; 
    NSString *display = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"Scanned!\n\nFormat: 
    %@\n\nContents:\n%@", formatString, result.text];

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