I am using emacs ediff to compare two files that I frequently update. How can I refresh or update the buffer to reflect the new file without killing and reloading ediff? When I try to update each file using C-x C-v, the Ediff Control Panel says "You have killed a vital Ediff buffer--you must leave Ediff now!"


Switch to the Emacs Ediff control panel and and press !.

That will do it.


Try updating the file with M-x revert-buffer, and then hit ! in the Ediff control panel to make Ediff recalculate the difference regions.


Ediff have ediff-revert-buffers-then-recompute-diffs. From the ediff manual http://www.fnal.gov/docs/products/emacs/emacs/ediff_3.html:

ediff-revert-buffers-then-recompute-diffs: This command reverts the buffers you are comparing and recomputes their differences. It is useful when, after making changes, you decided to make a fresh start, or if at some point you changed the files being compared but want to discard any changes to comparison buffers that were done since then.

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