Is there a way to tell sublime text 2 to display a column 78 ruler in python and javascript and no ruler in HTML, by default?


Yes! For both a Python and a Javascript file, open it (or just set the syntax for an empty file to Python or Javascript), then click Preferences -> Settings – More -> Syntax Specific – User. Edit that settings file like you would your regular user settings file. Once you're finished, it will look something like this:

    "rulers": [

Do the same for HTML, but make the "rulers" array empty, i.e.:

    "rulers": [ ]

Subsequently, Javascript and Python files will have a ruler at line 78, whereas HTML will display no rulers. Any settings that you can define in your user settings file can be made specific to a syntax.

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Close the file and re-open it if it doesn't take effect. Had to do this with my .py files. Applies for Sublime 3

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  • Thanks, this was driving me nuts! – wickedchicken 2 days ago

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