I need to rotate the diamonds (see attachement) around the x and z axis. When rotating individually (meaning I only set rotation.x or rotation.z) the rotation looks fine and it works. But when I set both the rotations (x AND z) the rotation looks like this:

diamond rotation fail

Do I miss something? Is somehow the object local coordinate system rotated and now rotation around 2 axes fail?

diamond.position = brilliantPositions[i][0];
diamond.rotation = brilliantPositions[i][1];

Thanks in advance for a hint Kind regards Roman and Patrick

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    See this answer for an explanation of Euler rotations in three.js r.58. May 21, 2013 at 18:15

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The euler order indeed solved the problem for us. In our case we had to do the follwing

diamond.eulerOrder = 'ZYX';

in order to have the calculation take the right way. Many thanks!

Here's more information about euler order

PS: I couldn't accept the comment as answer WestLangley therefore I just upped it and reposted the solution here

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    These days it was renamed though. I think rotation.order is the new property
    – Doidel
    Dec 13, 2013 at 5:57

I would suggest using lookAt() function and then applying rotation around one of the axis. That should be good enough for almost any kind of rotation in space.


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