I have built a demo application that I want to demo to a room of people. How do I go about sharing my google glass screen with the audience? I saw that in Google I/O, engineers were using something to share their screen with the audience, how do I get that?

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The MyGlass Android app has a feature called "screencast" - if, for example, you set up a Nexus 10 with MyGlass, you can then use the mini-HDMI out to project the screencast to a large audience (I'm not sure how you'd hook other Android devices up to a projects, but I know this Nexus 10 method works).

You can find the screencast function at the bottom of the main drop-down menu in the MyGlass home screen.


I would turn debug mode to "on" in my Glass settings and then use Android Screencast to display the view from Glass on my computer screen. From there I could use a projector or external monitor for demoing purposes.


There is also a cool jar that I found called droidAtScreen which uses ADB to render whats showing on the glass onto a GUI; no setup required, easy to use.

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