Is there a way to specify a layout for children of a PolylineConnection?

I want to add several Labels to a PolylineConnection at ConnectionLocator.MIDDLE without the use of a container figure for the labels.

Both PolylineConnection and Label have EditParts, and the label's model objects are children of the polyline connection's model objects.

Ideally I want to add all label children of a polyline to ConnectionLocator.MIDDLE in a ToolbarLayout...


What you are trying to do is mix two layouts: on the first hand you want to use a ConnectionLocator.MIDDLE to locate the figures, but on the other hand you want to have the figures at this location to have their own layout.

The only solution you have is to create a figure that uses a ToolbarLayout and locate it in the Polyline using the ConnectionLocator

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    You're right, mixing two layouts is impossible. However, I don't want to use a container figure, as child figures are added/removed dynamically via getModelChildren() in the connection edit part. I've found a hack that works, using RelativeLocator (see my solution). – s.d Jun 13 '13 at 12:01

I've found a way to achieve what I wanted:

Very generally, the first child must be added at ConnectionLocator.MIDDLE, and the rest of the children relative to the child before them with the help of RelativeLocator like this (line would be in a loop over all figure children in connection's edit part):

           new RelativeLocator((IFigure) figureChildren.get(currentIndex - 1), 

I've written a blog post with more details.

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  • Interesting and elegant solution. – vainolo Jun 13 '13 at 14:05

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