I tried the instructions listed here http://developer.android.com/sdk/installing/migrate.html#Export, including upgrading my adt plugin (I simply checked for updates in Eclipse, per http://developer.android.com/tools/help/adt.html#Updating ; it said I was up to date). But when I tried to export projects from Eclipse I don't see the "Generate Gradle build files" option, only "Export Android Application."

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Is there something more that I have to do to see this option? I am using the Android Developer Tools version for Mac, Build: v21.1.0-569685.

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It turns out that I can't just check for updates like the developer's site said for the ADT: I still have ADT version 21. Reinstalling ADT works.

This question has some useful info on updating to ADT 22 Can't update Eclipse ADT to 22.


In order to get the "Generate Gradle build files" option installed ADT version must be v22 or higher. To solve the fact that when you go to "Help/Check for Updates" it says "Up to date" while you have v21 you can either reinstall Eclipse ADT or follow the instructions in the link below, using ADT22.zip:

Eclipse ADT update does not work

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