I have a form that is bounded to a table and I have one required field in the table. When I try to enter a new record through the form, and then I decide not to enter the record, I get stuck, It keeps saying that I need to enter a value for the required field. Is there a way for the form to have a submit button, and only when I click this button, the record goes into the table and otherwise it just gives me an interface through the form where I can edit the values without worrying about the required fields. Any help is appreciated! Any other approach is welcome too!


As soon as you add data to a record Access creates the record (and assigns it an ID#). In the BEFORE UPDATE event for the control for the required field, check to see if the value is null, and if so, UNDO the changes. Example:

Private Sub txtControlName_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer)
  If IsNull(Me!txtControlName) Then
  End If

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