I have installed Android Studio on my Windows 7 PC. But I cannot create the virtual devices on the studio as the button for AVD and SDK is disabled by default. How ca I enable them?


I haven't seen this error myself, but try going to File -> Project Structure -> SDKs and make sure you have a listing for the Android SDK and that the home path is pointing to the correct location.


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  • Thanks for help. But I found the solution :) – Arvind Bhardwaj May 23 '13 at 4:07

Well I found the problem. The gradle was not installed as my internet connection was not active. Make sure the Android Studio installs the gradle when you first start and create a project.

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Go to the android-studio\sdk\tools\lib and search for AVD Manager and SDK Manager. If they are present, try running them.

While I do not know the actual reason for the disabled buttons, but this might just help in troubleshooting the problem.

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  • These are not present in the "android-studio\sdk\tools\lib" but at "Android\android-sdk-windows". Does it make any difference? – Arvind Bhardwaj May 22 '13 at 5:31

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