How can i get the base url, skin url on paroduct description in magento admin panel?

Can i use this :

{{store url=""}}

{{skin url=''}}

for getting the url


enter image description here


Base URL in description field:

This is <a href="{{store url="some-link"}}">Some Link</a>.

Skin URL in description field:

This is <a href="{{skin url="images/test.jpg"}}">Some Link</a>.

Use the form without WYSIWYG editor (plain mode).


you can also use <p><a href="{{skin url}}images/btn_remove.gif">THis is the link</a></p>

OR <p><a href="{{skin url=images/btn_remove.gif}}">THis is the link</a></p> both work.

"skin url" etc. are magento's default variables for blocks


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