I'm making a streaming system than consists of

  1. backend - generates and encodes 1280x720@30fps with libx264 and sends NALUs to frontend over UDP
  2. frontend - receives frames from backend, decodes with ffmpeg and draws on the screen

I'm trying to achieve the lowest latency possible.

  • What is the lowest achievable latency?
  • What are the correct settings for the encoder?
  • What should I take into account?

The easiest thing would be to set –intra-refresh –-tune zerolatency and set --vbv-bufsize to equal to you bitrate divided by framerate. Note that these settings will likely produce lower quality video due to lack for B frames, and other optimizations.

  • I still get latency ~200ms and can't find the reason. – Vitali Kotik Aug 9 '13 at 22:51

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