I have a List<Foo>, and a compare() method taking two Foo objects and returning the 'greater' one. Is there a built-in Java method that takes the list and finds the largest one?

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If Foo implements Comparable<Foo>, then Collections.max(Collection) is what you're looking for.

If not, you can create a Comparator<Foo> and use Collections.max(Collection, Comparator) instead.


// Assuming that Foo implements Comparable<Foo>
List<Foo> fooList = ...;
Foo maximum = Collections.max(fooList);
// Normally Foos are compared by the size of their baz, but now we want to
// find the Foo with the largest gimblefleck.
Foo maxGimble = Collections.max(fooList, new Comparator<Foo>() {
    public int compare(Foo first, Foo second) {
        if (first.getGimblefleck() > second.getGimblefleck())
            return 1;
        else if (first.getGimblefleck() < second.getGimblefleck())
            return -1;
        return 0;

Yes, the List is a subclass of Collection and so you can use the max method.


try java.util.Collections.max


Use Collections#max(Collection).


Assuming Foo is not an inner class and compare() method exists in a class named CompareClass

You can do the following:

Collections.max(fooList, CompareClass::compare);

Which gives the fooList and the method compare as inputs to Collections.max() and returns the Foo object with the max value - according to your compare method.


Take a look at Google Collections - they have lots of methods that help you do this sort of thing using Predicates.


Take a look at lambdaj as well. There are lots of feature to manipulate collection in a functional style.

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