This maybe really simple, But I tried searching and I ended up with stuff like copying multiple lines, cut and paste multiple lines etc. What am looking for is pasting a single line multiple times in Vim.

For eg. A line 'X' is copied and I want to paste this line alone for say 30 times, thus I will have 30 'X' lines. Is it possible with a single command in Vim? Please help me.

Note: A single command for paste. Copy of the line can be done by 'y'. for pasting 30 times or so, I need a single command. Please help me here.


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Yes. Put before the command the number of times you want to repeat the action. And this works with many of vim commands. It would be:


In order to copy a line and paste it 30 times, first place the cursor on the line you want to copy, and then:


This will copy the line and paste it 30 times below it. If you want them in another place, then set the cursor to it, and do the 30p part

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    Just to add, you need not limit yourself to a single line. You can copy a set of lines (for example using Visual Selection and then pressing y) and doing the paste operation xp times (where x is the number of times you want to paste, and p is the paste operation) Nov 25, 2020 at 16:04

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