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I'm trying to test the capabilities of ehcache and I believe I have it set up properly in the cache initialization which I learnt from the code samples and elsewhere online. However I haven't added search attributes yet though I don't know how to successfully conduct a search regardless of which attributes. I was hoping to see a simple example of a search conducted with any attributes. Likewise, I don't know how to use the transaction capabilities of ehcache and was hoping for a simple example of this too.

private static CacheManager cacheManager;
private static Ehcache ehcache;
private TransactionController transactionController;

public void initCache() throws Exception {
    Configuration managerConfigur = new Configuration();
    CacheConfiguration cacheConfigur = new CacheConfiguration("testcache1",-1).eternal(true);
    Searchable searchable = new Searchable();
    //Set attributes for search here



    cacheManager = new CacheManager(managerConfigur);
    ehcache = manager.getEhcache("testCache");



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umm... I know that "have you tried Google" can come across as rude, but... have you tried it? :)

Specifically, have you looked at


It seems that there's everything you need for "simple examples" and there's an introductory video for transactions... If you have more questions after that, let us know what specifically you're looking for. Hope that helps :)

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