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I want to pass a string to a "form" page template and then post the form and redirect to the previous page by using the string that I have sent. The reason that I want to do it is to prevent the POST form issue of staying in the page after POST.

I created this get :

GET    /form/:page                               controllers.Pages.form(page)

and the controller look like that

public static Result form(String page) {          
    return ok(form.render(userForm),page);

and I'm trying to route like that :

<a href="@routes.Pages.form(page)" class="btn btn-info">send </a>

What is your preferred way to pass parameters between views?

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I too am new to play but I see a few issues

Firstly, your routes file should be

GET    /form/:page                        controllers.Pages.form(page: String)

and in the controller Pages,

public static Result form(String page) {          
    return ok(form.render(userForm,page)); //Not ok(form.render(userForm),page)

finally in the view,

@(page :String)

<a href="@routes.Pages.form(page)" class="btn btn-info">send </a>
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In your example just call:

<a href="@controllers.routes.Pages.form(page)" class="btn btn-info">send </a>


<a href="/form/@page" class="btn btn-info">send </a>

And this a should not be inside html form tag.

To be sure check with firebug, that your browser sends GET

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on both options i get "not found: value page"... – MIkCode May 23 '13 at 17:32
Is page defined? You should define variable page @(page:String) or in other way. – Andrzej Jozwik May 24 '13 at 6:44

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