I have an excel file structured like this:

Key_Col Column Column
A       foo    bar
A       foo    bar
A       foo    bar
B       foo    bar
B       foo    bar
Z       foo    bar
Z       foo    bar
Z       foo    bar
Z       foo    bar

I want to select all of the rows that share the same Key_Col, and then copy and paste that into a new worksheet. For example, I want to select all three 'A' rows, both 'B' rows, and all 4 'Z' rows, and copy each into a separate worksheet.

I just used A, B, and Z as an example. In reality, there are several different values in the key column, and a variable number of each. I haven't found very many good VBA tutorials on Google. In any other programming language, I'd imagine I would just use a double for-loop, where the inner one loops while current_key equals initial_key, and then move on to the next unique key in the sequence.

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    possibly the best way to do it is to apply filter for each of key value separately and than copy results into new worksheet. You would need one loop for all keys and some code for filtering (where macro recorder will be helpful). – Kazimierz Jawor May 22 '13 at 21:43
  • @pnuts - your link looks promising! I'll look into it. Thanks. – bobbyjoe93 May 22 '13 at 21:59

This should probably do it, some things to note:

  • StartSelect is the row you want to start at.
  • Pastesheet is the sheet index you want start pasting at.
  • Sourcesheet is the sheet that has your data.
  • It will run until it gets to an empty cell.
  • If it runs out of sheets, it will create new empty ones.
  • I've assumed you want column 1, to change it, change (startselect ,1) to your column.

    Dim StartSelect As Integer
    Dim EndSelect As Integer
    Dim PasteSheet As Integer
    Dim SourceSheet As Integer
    Sub Macro1()
    StartSelect = 1
    PasteSheet = 2
    SourceSheet = 1
    While Sheets(SourceSheet).Cells(StartSelect, 1) <> ""
        EndSelect = StartSelect
        While Sheets(SourceSheet).Cells(StartSelect, 1) = Sheets(SourceSheet).Cells((EndSelect+1), 1)
            EndSelect = EndSelect + 1
        Sheets(SourceSheet).Rows(StartSelect & ":" & EndSelect).Copy
        If PasteSheet > Sheets.Count Then Sheets.Add After:=Sheets(Sheets.Count)
        PasteSheet = PasteSheet + 1
        StartSelect = (EndSelect + 1)
    End Sub
  • worked beautifully. Thanks! – bobbyjoe93 May 24 '13 at 18:35

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