Is there a way to watch the value of a function expression change in an AngularJS directive? I have the following HTML and Javascript, and the interpolation of {{editable()}} in the template shows the value evaluates to true, while inspecting the HTML element in Chrome shows that contenteditable is false.

Any suggestions on how i can watch the value of this function change, and update the element attr accordingly? Or is there a better way to achieve this (i'd still like to evaluate the function)?


<h4 editable="account.hasRole('ROLE_ADMIN')"


            function() {
                return {
                    restrict : 'A',
                    template : '<button class="btn pull-right"><i class="icon-pencil"></i></button>{{content}} ({{editable()}})',
                    scope : {
                        'content' : '=',
                        'editable' : '&'
                    link : function(scope, element, attrs) {
                        scope.$watch('editable', function(newValue) {
                            element.attr('contenteditable', newValue());
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Try placing the watch on 'editable()' instead of 'editable'

Explanation: The reason this is needed is because '&' points to a dynamically generated function wrapper for the attribute expression rather than the expression itself. This special wrapper function returns the value of account.hasRole('ROLE_ADMIN').

i would also prefer doing something like that:

scope.$watch(function () {
  return scope.editable();
}, function (val) {
   // ...

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