What I want to do is call a macro from my python code. Here isa sample of the sources :

xl = win32.gencache.EnsureDispatch('Excel.Application')
xl.Visible = 1
xl.Workbooks.Open("C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Office\\Office14\\XLSTART\\perso.xlsm")
xl.Application.Run('perso.xlsm!' + argv[2])
xl.Application.Run('perso.xlsm!' + argv[2] + '2')
xl.Application.Run('perso.xlsm!macro', 'lol')

The first two macro are working fine. But the last need a parameter to be set ("lol" in this case). With this try :

xl.Application.Run('perso.xlsm!macro', 'lol')

My macro is call but the parameter is not set. Any idea how to do this or where I can find the "javadoc" of this module (yeah i am from Java world !).

If you need more explanations just le me know.

Thanks you.



Unfortunately in this case, the complete documentation for win32com with regards to excel does not exist; you will have to look at the MS office Excel MSDN for most everything (which isn't too bad you just have to finagle the code sometimes):


As for your question, consider the example macro which takes two parameters:

Sub Proc(sParam1 As String, iParam2 As Integer)
        MsgBox sParam1 & " is " & iParam2 & " Years Old"
End Sub

The macro has two parameters that it's looking for. The following python code will call the macro using the params set:

import win32com.client
xl.Visible = True
Path = "C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Office\\Office14\\XLSTART\\perso.xlsm"
param1 = "Jeremy"
param2 = 3
xl.Application.Run("Proc", param1, param2)

I'm not sure what variable type the macro in your case is expecting, but 'lol' is but it is being sent to the macro from python as a string in your example. Hope this helps.

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