I'm attempting to write a script using the Android shell (with Busybox) to scan through some .xml files to extract information, however, I'm getting stuck on some optimization.

Shouldn't, for example,


match to


It doesn't; when I try to execute this on Android (4.2.2, with Busybox 1.20.2, if it matters?).

echo axbxc > \sdcard\test.txt
grep "(ax)b" \sdcard\test.txt

returns nothing, while

grep "axb" \sdcard\test.txt

returns, as expected,


Similarly, shouldn't


return axbxc as well? (This is the actual optimization I want to apply.)

What could be causing this problem? Additionally, does anyone know what regex engine Busybox uses, so that I can go and read up on it specifically?


To enable extended regular expressions in grep (and in busybox grep), you need to either use grep -E or use egrep (egrep is shortcut for grep -E).

I have tested this with busybox grep, and both methods work as expected and match your regex.

As for (?>ax)b - this would work only if you can use grep -P (support for Perl compatible regexes). However, busybox grep does not support this switch, so look-ahead and look-behind matches won't work.

  • ... Oh. Thanks. Well, I feel silly now. Do you by any chance know what regex engine Busybox uses? – Firnagzen May 24 '13 at 5:14

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