I have a statement adding a new div:

$('#dates').append('<div class="'+classname+'">'+dd+'<br /><span class="month_selector">'+dm+'</span></div>');

But I'd like to not only create element but also to assign on('click') action to it. Of course I could add generated id and then acces to created element by this id, but I feel that there is more beautiful solution.

Is it?

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You don't need to add an id and then ask jQuery to parse a selector to find the element. You can directly do this :

    $('<div class="'+classname+'">'+dd+'<br /><span class="month_selector">'+dm+'</span></div>')
      // handle click

you can use jquery ON.. and also you can use class selector instead of id :) like $(".classname")

$('#dates').append('<div class="'+classname+'">'+dd+'<br /><span class="month_selector">'+dm+'</span></div>');

$('#dates').on('click','.'+classname, function(){
alert("on div click");

$('#dates').on('click','.month_selector', function(){
alert("on SPAN click");
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    If you use .on() you can do it once when the document is ready, you don't have to do it again when the element is added.
    – Barmar
    May 24, 2013 at 7:39

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