I'm having problems with my own exception class: IOExeption. I want it to have another output then the normal exception class but in spite of the code below, its output is still the same.
What am I doing wrong ?

class IOExeption extends Exception
    public function __toString()
        $string  = '<h1 class="text-warning text-center">';
        $string .= $this->getMessage();
        $string .= '</h1>';
        return $string;
  • Don't you have any uncaught exception handler defined? – dev-null-dweller May 25 '13 at 10:09

As a matter of fact, exceptions should have no output at all.

Whatever output have to be done in the exception handler only. And only in case it is development server which the only user you are. Otherwise it have to log the error message in plain text.

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