Here I am stuck in another problem,am working on an iOS Application today and as i run my Application for iPhone 5.0 Simulator got some weird issue on that simulator only. There were two window pop Over alert on my MacBook Screen when i was trying run again and again getting same issue for that simulator only.that pop over alert windows showing below quotation.

"iOS Simulator could not find the SDK. The SDK may need to be reinstalled." "The simulated application quit."

Look At the Below Image depict the same issue.

It seems that this issue occurring due to the improper installation of that simulator. Please help me by suggesting related to this issue. Whether i have to reinstall that simulator again on my Xcode or need something else.

Any suggestion would be appreciated from the bottom of my Heart.


I've seen this on coworkers computers and it was because they had dock icons not pointing to Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Applications/iPhone Simulator.app

I would try launching the simulator from that directory or deleting the Application/Xcode.app and reinstalling from the Mac App Store.

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