I'm running jenkins and getting this error

hudson.security.AccessDeniedException2: anonymous is missing the Read permission

I tried many times, deleted cookies and all.


Disabling security is not the solution. It's probably there for a reason. Try "login" instead

java -jar jenkins-cli.jar -s http://yourserver/jenkins/ login --username usr --password qwerty


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Similar issue I faced but with GitHub OAuth plugin,my problem and solution explained here

Errors hudson.security.AccessDeniedException2: anonymous is missing the Overall/Administer permission at hudson.security.ACL.checkPermission(ACL.java:57)

org.kohsuke.github.HttpException: Server returned HTTP response code: -1, message: 'null' for URL: https://ghe.acme.com/api/v3/user

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I am able to run java -jar jenkins-cli.jar -s http://server get-job myjob > myjob.xml

works for me using abouv url

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In addition to the above link, use these simple and clear steps

I think some of the answers in here were partial. This is how I resolved it:

Step Jenkins /etc/init.d/jenkins stop sudo vi /var/lib/jenkins/config.xml (Please copy the complete text somewhere first, so that later you don't run in other problems)

2.A. change useSecurity element's value to false false

2.B. Remove authorizationStrategy block

Start Jenkins again: /etc/init.d/jenkins start

Access Jenkins through URL and reconfigure security again.

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