I casually use Chrome developer tools for debugging AJAX & JavaScript. Mostly that means the console to check on element/variable/method state, occasionally 'network' tab to debug issues fed through ajax, very occasionally break points in debugger if I can't hunt down a JS bug.

But any time a dedicated front-end developer (I'm back end) uses the same tools in front of me, they use these nifty & abstract little features that always leave me thinking "damn, why didn't I know about that"?

...So, the question is: Any suggestions for resources that provide a thorough & more advanced explanation of google chrome devtools?


Addy Osmani did an excellent series on the chrome dev tools, you can find some of it here. I think that if you read it (and watch the videos), I've found them very useful, if you read them, you're pretty much covered. I included some additional useful resources.

Addy Osmani Tutorials and videos:




Here is another basic one from Code School, including some tasks after each lesson to practice: http://discover-devtools.codeschool.com/

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    That's a good one! I completely forgot about it, it goes into the absolute basics :) – Benjamin Gruenbaum May 25 '13 at 18:34
  • Here it seems there is another one: codeschool.com/courses/discover-devtools , where intro video is presented by Paul Irish, though the professor is Gregg Pollack. Though the chapters names are different, I am guessing it is the same course... – nephewtom Mar 1 '17 at 12:35

I've found this Google Chrome Devtools cheatsheet very useful: http://anti-code.com/devtools-cheatsheet/. Also, this interactive course teaches you how to master Chrome DevTools.

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