I have a JSP where I am trying to print out values from my Model, but nothing appears in the place where I refer to those values. Here is the controller method where I set the values.

@RequestMapping(value = "/poll1", method = RequestMethod.POST)
public String processPoll1(@RequestParam String vote,
        HttpServletResponse response, Model model) {
    Map<String, Object> resultMap = poll1DAO.tallyVote(vote);
    Cookie poll1 = new Cookie("poll1", "voted");
    model.addAttribute("poll1Yes", resultMap.get("yes").toString());
    model.addAttribute("poll1No", resultMap.get("no").toString());
    return "redirect:/polls";

Here is the part of the JSP where I refer to the Model attributes.

        <td><b><i>Poll #1 -- </i></b>Would you like to have a 30-year reunion in 2016?<br></td>
        <td>&nbsp;&ndash;&nbsp;<c:out value='${model.poll1Yes}' /><br /></td>
        <td>&nbsp;&ndash;&nbsp;<c:out value='${model.poll1No}' /><br />

Here is my output. Instead of actual values, nothing is printed out in the attributes' places.

Poll #1 -- Would you like to have a 30-year reunion in 2016?

Yes  – 

No  –  

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No need to reference model in your JSP.

<c:out value='${poll1Yes}' />
<c:out value='${poll1No}' />
  • 1
    What if we want to access a dynamic object from the model, is there a way to do something like model["poll" + num + "yes"] ?
    – Aaron_H
    Jun 15, 2016 at 13:00

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