At my current place of work we are using git-flow, we use the standard buckets (develop in develop, release in master, feature this, feature that, etc).

We are using a large number of git repositories (per project) where often I have to start a 'feature' in more than one git. Typically around three git repos.

    git: bitofcode1
    git: scripts
    git: library

I try to use the same feature name 'feature-change-whatever' across all the three git repos but it feels to me that the git-flow model is not appropriate for dealing with new features in a project spread across multiple repos.

    git: bitofcode1 (feature-change-whatever)
    git: scripts  (feature-change-whatever)
    git: library  (feature-change-whatever)

My thoughts are that in order to use git-flow with 'myapp' I would be better merging my 3 different git repositories into a single larger one. Are there any other ways of addressing this while using git-flow ?

  • In Programmers there's a similar question, though it's not specific to git-flow – vguzmanp Apr 15 '15 at 13:55

gitslave: Coordinated multi-repository super-projects for Git

gitslave creates a group of related repositories—a superproject repository and a number of slave repositories—all of which are concurrently developed on and on which all git operations should normally operate; so when you branch, each repository in the project is branched in turn. Similarly when you commit, push, pull, merge, tag, checkout, status, log, etc; each git command will run on the superproject and all slave repositories in turn.

This way you can (as stated) create feature branches across multiple repositories in a "single larger" repo. See the gitslave basic tutorial.

Unfortunately the most recent version at the time of writing gitslave (2.0.2) is outdated with respect to some changes in plain git's output.

Edit: forked gitslave and applied some basic patches to get it working again. Check it out!

With brew on Mac OS X you can now:

brew tap joelpurra/joelpurra
brew install --devel joelpurra/joelpurra/gitslave

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