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Using websphere 8.5. I am trying to use Monitored Directory deployment and use a deployment properties file using this guide

I have enabled the monitored deploy in the global settings. I have also extracted the properties file using wsadmin and verified that it contains the correct configuration (eg. path to a shared library).

I have put the file in:


I then drag my application test-ear-app.ear (an ear file containing a war file) into:


As a result the app is automatically loaded but the is NOT loaded and hence I need to manually specify the shared library afterwards.

Any ideas why the is not loaded?

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Actually when you deploy using property file you don't drag ear to monitored directory, but just the property file. So in your case you should just drag to the monitoredDeployableApps/deploymentProperties directory. In your config file you have to define location of your ear by EarFileLocation=/temp/yourApp.ear it will be automatically loaded and installed in proper scope defined by the TargetServer/TargetServer/TargetCluster properties.

See detailed description in page Installing enterprise application files by adding properties files to a monitored directory

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As I read, I think the procedure is the opposite of what you were currently doing : drop the Ear first and then start the install process with the props file.

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