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I'm using waxeye parser generator to generate python parser for some grammar. Unfortunately when I try to parse any text I almost every time get the same error:

parse error: failed to match 'whitespace' at line=1, col=10, pos=10


parse error: failed to match 'ws' at line=1, col=10, pos=10

I suppose it's problem with my definition of grammar, but I tried almost every way I could make up and it's still wrong.

Here's python code:

import waxeye
import robLang
text = ' block is red '

def analyze(input):
    ast = robLang.Parser().parse(input)
    if isinstance(ast, waxeye.ParseError):
        return ast
        return sum(ast.children[0])

result = analyze(text)
print result

and grammar definition:

statement <- ws thing ws isWord wse adjective ws ?(adjectives)

thing <- objectType ?(ws name)

objectType <- 'pyramid'|'ball'|'block'|'boot'|'leg'|'degree'

name <- [a-zA-Z] *[a-zA-Z0-9_-]

isWord <- 'is'

adjectives <- *(adjective ws)

colour <- 'red'|'green'|'blue'|'black'|'white'|'yellow'|'orange'|'purple'

size <- 'small'|'big'

moralDirection <- 'good'|'bad'

adjective <- colour|size|moralDirection

number <- +[0-9] ?('.' +[0-9]) ws

ws <: *[ \t\n\r]
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