Anyone know if there's a way to generate URL's for SoundCloud tracks that specify a start time for the song? I'm looking for a way to force playback of streams at a certain time in the stream without having to do any processing on my end via the API.


As @bsz correctly noticed, we have released a way of specifying start time on the sound when linking to it, append #t=12s to the sound's URL to start it at 12th second, etc.

If the audio is long enough, you can use (e.g.) #t=2h10m12s.


They seem to have added a #t option but not sure if you can also give an stop time:


  • awesome, thanks! – Funktr0n Jul 7 '13 at 18:43
  • I tried getting this to work in an embedded widget, but it seems to only work when you link to the soundcloud. Anyone had any luck using it in a widget? – funkylaundry Dec 30 '13 at 19:12

You can also specify a start time one minute or over by appending


If you want a time right on the minute mark (e.g. 3:00), include 0 seconds (0s) in the time code (i.e. 3m0s), or else the start time will be ignored. It does not appear to support a start time over an hour.


Click share and set or pick time enter image description here

  • Where do you get that "at ....." time input option? It doesn't seem to be there (at least not anymore?) in Soundcloud's share feature. – RocketNuts Mar 13 at 14:56

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