I'm having a problem getting a couchdb view to return the proper documents when using multiple keys.

This works fine, returning the documents that match:

GET http://example.com:5984/myDb/_design/myFilters/_view/getItemByForeignKeyId?key=abc123

This returns returns all documents in the view, matching or not:

GET http://example.com:5984/myDb/_design/myFilters/_view/getItemByForeignKeyId?keys=%5B%22abc123%22%5D

I'm usually very good at hunting down my answers. But, CouchDB documentation is very clear on the format for using multiple keys. I've seen some use the ?keys=[123,123] and i've also seen ?keys="abc","abc".

If anyone can offer any clarification on the 'proper' format and encoding of multiple key queries for CouchDB using a GET method, I would be extremely appreciative.

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To get multiple keys from a view, you need to do a post request and submit the keys in the request body. Your HTTP request will look like this:

POST /myDb/_design/myFilters/_view/getItemByForeignKeyId
Content-Type: application/json

   "keys" : [
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    Thanks you so much. That worked. The wording of the CouchDB documentation can be ambiguous at times.
    – J. Lincoln
    May 27, 2013 at 2:31
        if([doc.key1, doc.key2])
            emit([doc.key1, doc.thingYouWantToKnow]);

and in the query string, at the end

?key=["key1Value", "key2Value"]

Notice that it is key=[], not keys=[] !!!!!!!!!


Not saying it's correct, but you can actually do it via query string as well. The array enclosing brackets should not be encoded. E.g. this works for me:


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    It's not documented. Is it ok to use it or should I opt for the POST request.
    – albertjan
    Jan 28, 2015 at 13:21

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