I have datatable like below HTML code, after doubleClick on each row automaticaly insert SAVE and EDIT buttons to end of current tr, I'm using datatables class for create data in table and I can't find current tr cells such as eq(0 ~ 3) with jQuery.


                <input value="admin">
                <input value="pishguy@gmail.com">
                <input value=" A">
                <input value=" B">
                <input value="C">
                <ul class="styledlist" style="width: 50px;">
                    <li style="line-height: 13px; width: 30px; float: right;" class="save_category">SAVE</li>
                    <li style="margin-right: 6px; line-height: 13px; width: 30px; float: right;" class="cancel_save_category">CANCEL</li>

jQuery: this below codes dont work currectly

alert( $(this).parent().siblings('td:first').text() ); 
alert( $(this).closest('tr').children('td:eq(0)').text())  ;

I have any row in table and I want to find currect tr cells with save and cancel buttons.

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    "after doubleClick" - Please show your entire double-click handler. The two lines you show don't make sense to us if we don't know what this is - you say they aren't working correctly, but what do they actually do? – nnnnnn May 27 '13 at 11:32

Try this:

alert($(this).closest('tr').find('td:eq(0) input').val());   // admin
alert($(this).closest('tr').find('td:eq(1) input').val());   // pishguy@gmail.com

In your code:


You are looking for the text inside the first td but there's no text there, you have a input there with some value. So, you need to find the input inside the closest tr and then get its value using val().

Assumption: That this here represents either the SAVE/CANCEL here

  • thank you very much. i want to replace any text into cells with this codealert($(this).closest('tr').find('td:eq(0)').html('ddd')); i need to hide input elements and putting text with that, can you help me? – user2388554 May 27 '13 at 11:49
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    Yes sure, why not. Also, feel free to mark this answer as accepted. – palaѕн May 27 '13 at 11:52
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    Here's the code to hide the input and set a new text inside the td: var $tr = $(this).closest('tr'); $tr.find('td:eq(0) input').hide(); $tr.find('td:eq(0)').append('<span>New Text</span>'); – palaѕн May 27 '13 at 12:00

Let's say you click on SAVE button in particular row,

then your click handler as follow,

function clickHandler() {
                    var $this = $(this), //this will represent the button
                        currentRow = $this.closest('tr'),
                        currentRowCells = currentRow.children();

                    //Now can access any cell within current row using currentRowCells Object, as follow
                    var firstCell = currentRowCells.eq(0),
                        secondCell = currentRowCells.eq(1);

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