I wanted to mask the sensitive data like username/password using an slf4j framework. Immediate help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Assuming you're using Java/Groovy. In your log4j2.xml, add something like:

    <PatternLayout pattern="%mm"/>

then take that pattern and create a converter for it:

@Plugin(name = 'maskLog', category = 'Converter')
class MaskLogConverter extends LogEventPatternConverter {

    private static final String NAME = 'mm'

    private MaskLogConverter(String[] options) {
        super(NAME, NAME)

    static LogMaskingConverter newInstance(final String[] options) {
        return new LogMaskingConverter(options)

    void format(LogEvent event, StringBuilder outputMessage) {
        String message = event.message//.formattedMessage

        // Do your masking logic here


Inside that class you can mask, transform, parse, etc. accordingly.


The framework itself won't do the masking, nor should you expect it to. It's a very bad practice to pass confidential information to a reporting system. In your log.info() call, make sure to substitute the password with asterisks. There is no point in masking the username because you might as well not log anything.

log.info("Successful login: {0} ********", username);
  • You advise is bad because doing this manually is error prone. It is better to have a common generic solution for this to make sure nothing is missed. – Kirill G. Apr 15 '18 at 8:46
  • In my experience, you have to manually inspect every potential exposure of confidential data as part of your auditing process. Again, this is not the responsibility of the logging framework. – Bob Dalgleish Apr 15 '18 at 14:52

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