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The following is a C# function that sends ZPL command through serial port. the ZPL Command Starts with ~RVE (which telling the printer to send RFID encoding success or failure results).

How can I receive the encoding result in the context of my code and check that the encoding process succeed?

    private void Print()
        // Command to be sent to the printer
        string command = "~RVE^XA^RFw,H^FD033B2E3C9FD0803CE8000001^FS ^XZ";

        // Create a buffer with the command
        Byte[] buffer = new byte[command.Length];
        buffer = System.Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(command);
        // Use the CreateFile external func to connect to the LPT1 port
        SafeFileHandle printer = CreateFile("LPT1:", FileAccess.ReadWrite,
        0, IntPtr.Zero, FileMode.Open, 0, IntPtr.Zero);
        // Aqui verifico se a impressora é válida
        if (printer.IsInvalid == true)

        // Open the filestream to the lpt1 port and send the command
        FileStream lpt1 = new FileStream(printer, FileAccess.ReadWrite);

        Byte[] ResultBuffer = new byte[255];
        lpt1.Write(buffer, 0, buffer.Length);

        // Close the FileStream connection

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Probably you won't be able to retrieve result using LPT and CreateFile. You need to use bi-directional communication, using sockets.

Update: There is a inpout32 library available, which allows two-way lpt port communications.

Reading from Parallel Port using Inpout32.dll

Converting Visual Basic parallel port app using inpout32.dll in to Delphi

Download inpout32 binaries and sources

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Thanks for Quick replay, But my zebra (RZ 400) printer does not support network connection. is there is any way to retrieve result using LPT? –  user1986570 May 27 '13 at 16:21
Updated answer. Not sure that this library will work, it is very outdated. Also you can try to read data the same way you write it - open LPT1 file and read from it. –  Alexander May 27 '13 at 19:07
The Zebra RZ400 has a serial port (you will need a null modem cable). A ZebraNet Ethernet card can also be added. Either of those options are good. Zebra has a socket sample on their website: Zebra Socket Sample –  E_S May 28 '13 at 16:49

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