Is it possible to use OmniFaces <o:validateAllOrNone> (which is pretty cool ;)) within an <ui:repeat> or <h:dataTable>?

I need a table with each row having an input field column. You could either fill in none of these values or all of them.

If I put the <o:validateAllOrNone> within the <ui:repeat> or <h:dataTable> and use the id of the input field in components attribute, then the validator also gets triggered, if all fields are empty.


No, that's not possible. The components attribute must refer physically multiple components, not a single component which is rendered multiple times. It can however be used on physically multiple components which are rendered during same iteration round. The <o:validateXxx> multi field validator is not designed to reference a single component which is rendered multiple times. The only OmniFaces validator which does that is <o:validateUniqueColumn>.

If you want to use the <o:validateXxx> multi field validator on dynamic inputs based on a collection, then your best bet is to use JSTL <c:forEach>. It will build physically multiple components.


<c:forEach items="#{bean.items}" var="item" varStatus="loop">
    <h:inputText id="input_#{loop.index}" value="#{item.value}" />

Assuming that there are 3 items, this will dynamically create JSF components with IDs of input_0, input_1 and input_2. Then you can just use <o:validateXxx> as follows (put it outside the loop!)

<o:validateAllOrNone components="input_0 input_1 input_2" />

You can replace the hardcoded string in the above example by an EL expression which returns the desired space separated string of component IDs from a backing bean.

<o:validateAllOrNone components="#{bean.inputIds}" />

An alternative would be to create a <x:validateAllOrNoneColumn> yourself or to post an enhancement request at OmniFaces issue tracker. It would be not exactly trivial to alter the existing <o:validateAllOrNone> that a completely separate component is desired.

  • ah okay, thanks so far, so i think the best way is to use this c:foreach approach... – jheider May 27 '13 at 16:52

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